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In terms of the Ley del Mercado de Valores (Securities Market Law), the shareholders Mr. Sergio Leal Aguirre, Chairman and CEO of Vinte, and Mr. Carlos Alberto Cadena Ortiz de Montellano, Director of Institutional Relations and member of Vinte’s Board of Directors, both co-founders of the Company, exert significant influence over the Company, as they individually hold more than 20% of the shares representing the Company’s capital stock. At the same time, no shareholder or group of persons exercises control or power of command of the Company.

In the last three years, the percentage of ownership held by the Company's Main Shareholders has not presented significant changes.

The following is a diagram showing Vinte’s shareholding structure:

The subscribed and paid in capital stock of Vinte, after the Global Offer, is represented by 202,021,629 single-series, ordinary, registered and non-nominal value shares, of which 200,000 represent the minimum fixed capital and the remaining, 201,821,629 shares , represent the variable part.

All Vinte’s shares are not subject to ownership subscription limitations and can be issued in favor of, and subscribed and paid for, by Mexican and foreign investors. Additionally, each share entitles its holder to the same patrimonial and voting rights at the General Shareholders’ Meetings.